Marceline's golf team travelled to Huntsville on Thursday to play a round of golf hosted by Westran. The Tigers finished second out of four full teams with a round of 170 strokes.

The junior varsity team also tagged along.

Westran won the round at 164 strokes, Salisbury finished with a 199, and Fayette played a 211 round as a team.

Trey Hamilton and Colby Sims played the best golf for the Tigers, both returning to the clubhouse after 41 strokes. Seth Cupp was a stroke behind, Cullen Bruner shot a 46, and Rylan Chrisman shot a 52.

On the junior varsity side, Brandon Swanson led the way with a 51-stroke round. Brady Scott shot a 52, Liam Whittington finished with a 53, Wesley Sportsman required 55 strokes, and Garrett Pickman shot 56 strokes.

Marceline plays again on Tuesday in the district tournament in Kirksville.