Long-time Brookfield vice principal, track coach, and football coordinator Dave Shaw had no idea that he would receive the 2018 Missouri Girls' Track and Field Official of the Year Award.

"I don't even know how I got it," Shaw said. "I got a letter about a month and a half ago that basically said, hey, congratulations. I'd assume someone nominated me, I never did ask how that came about. It's humbling, and it's something I had never even thought much about. I don't really go for individual awards."

This season was Shaw's 23rd year officiating track and field. He was acknowledged during the opening ceremonies of the Class 1 and 2 state championships in Jefferson City on May 19.

Shaw had to step away from his post at the high jump in order to come over and accept his award.

"I've been officiating for 23 years, and I've done the state meet for 21 years, and I figure I'll keep doing it," Shaw said. "I was a starter last year for the big classes, but usually I run the long jump down there in Jefferson City. Of course, you never know what the future is going to hold."

Shaw coached the Bulldogs' program for somewhere between 15 and 20 years, and joked that the exact number has been lost to antiquity. He said that the beginning of his time as an official actually overlapped with his time as a coach.

He reflected upon how the sport has evolved in the northern part of the state, especially for the Bulldogs. At the beginning of his time with the program, he recalled that Brookfield ran on a 300-meter track at Burlington Field before a three year span when the Bulldogs had no track at all.

Shaw said that it means a great deal to the Brookfield program to have a modern facility capable of hosting many meets, although the annual invitational at Burlington used to attract a sizable regional crowd.

After a two year hiatus, Shaw will also be returning to the Brookfield football staff as offensive and defensive line coach. The former defensive coordinator said that he spoke with second-year head coach Scott Stevens and said that he wanted to add some experience to the coaching staff.

"I really like (Stevens') work ethic, and it's a really young staff," Shaw said. "I told him if I came back, I would want to be a position coach. I didn't want to call plays anymore. I enjoy being around kids a lot, and I really appreciate what team sports can do for kids in life."