President and his cronies are destroying America

Yet another area President Trump has improved the employment situation is a marked increase in the need for people to handle cases of severe depression.

Some of my friends can no longer stand to watch the constantly awful news about what is happening to the United States at home and internationally. They are resolved to vote Democratic even though a lot of fault lies with that party.

The Republicans have lost all touch with reality and are possibly presiding over the demise of the great American experiment. They have self-branded themselves as liars, hypocrites, xenophobic, fascists, sexists and irrational puppets of the all powerful American oligarchy.

I feel the overwhelming depression, too. I recently watched Front Line and was shocked to see that the EPA is being run by criminal stooges of the energy sector. Their actions already qualify as crimes against humanity. I cannot believe Americans want coal ash, lead, mercury, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and all sorts of industrial poisons in their water supplies and in the air they breath.

The worst part is the president has not been legitimated by ongoing investigations. Essentially we have an invalidated person in the White House actively destroying all we hold dear.

Charles Payne, Lee’s Summit