The Brookfield football team enters the fourth leg of an unrelenting early-season schedule on Friday when the undefeated, sixth-ranked Lexington comes into Burlington Field.

The Minutemen, like each of the other opponents Brookfield has faced, is undefeated.

Lexington, offensively, will run what is dubbed a spinner set: a two-quarterback power offense built to keep the defense not only on its toes, but constantly confused. The offense also features a wing and a blocking back.

"I would say they have the best running back that we've seen thus far, and maybe the best we'll see all year," Brookfield coach Scott Stevens said referring to Lexington's number 14, senior Alvaro Porras. "He breaks a lot of tackles, he's fast, and out of their single-wing, their goal is to get downhill. Our run defense versus their run offense will be a really big part of the football game.

"It's important to watch our keys and not the backfield, because as soon as you get caught up looking at the backfield, they'll score a touchdown. Reading our keys will allow us to make a football play."

The last time the two teams faced one another was 2015 when Brookfield toppled the Minutemen 27-0 in the district semifinal game, and thus far, the two reunited district adversaries have no mutual opponents.

Lexington will predominantly run a 4-2 scheme on defense, but sometimes may switch to 3-3. The Minutemen operate mostly in Cover 1, manning up each eligible receiving target while applying pressure and forcing Brookfield quarterback Castor Dodd to make a quick decision.

"After them seeing how we've handled pressure, we're expecting a lot of it," Stevens said. "That's something that's been slowing us down all year. We have some things we've been working on to alleviate that pressure, and hopefully that'll force them out of the backfield."

Stevens said that Payton Wallace, a senior wearing number 58, is Lexington's best disruptor defensively as a defensive end. He also causes defenses grief as an offensive tackle. Johnathan Taylor, a sophomore wearing number 2, is the Minutemen's second-biggest offensive threat at running back.