Schedule-wise, the sledding will not get much easier for the Bulldogs in week seven on their homecoming.

After a brutal first month-and-a-half of the season, the Brookfield football team will host Macon on Friday night, and the Tigers will be as tough and as well coached as ever.

Macon enters the game 4-2 after a pair of tough losses, beginning with a 22-point defeat against larger-class Moberly two weeks ago and a four-point loss to Clark County last Friday.

"(Macon head coach Pete) Claas does a very good job over there in Macon," Brookfield coach Scott Stevens said. "This is a team that's bringing a lot of pieces back from a very strong season last year. They're very dynamic on the offensive side of the football, we have to make sure that we're switching up our coverages and switching up our looks. We can't let the quarterback get comfortable."

Macon quarterback Nash Waller will be the biggest threat the Bulldogs will need to mitigate on Friday night, with running back Kevin Edwards a close second. The two gashed the Bulldogs last year in a 32-21 game at Burlington Field.

To this point in the season, Waller has passed for 939 yards, including throwing for a season-high 243 in last week's losing effort against Clark County. Edwards has already rushed for 531 yards on 90 carries, and Waller has added 298 with his legs.

Waller wears number 5 and Edwards wears 33.

Defensively, the Tigers defense is built to shut down the big play. After so many consecutive weeks of receiving heavy pressure, Stevens believes the Cover 4 scheme should give his guys some much-needed breathing room.

"Teams are realizing that they can't put as many people in the box because we can throw the football," Stevens said. "Macon wants to keep everything in front of them, but that being said, we have to sustain drives. If they want to load the box, we've shown that there are things we can do to make them pay, and I think they realize that.

"We have to make sure we don't have negative plays, we have to make sure we don't have dumb penalties, and if we can do those things, we have a chance to be really successful this week."