On Friday night, the Marceline Tigers will be seeking atonement for the way their 2017 season ended.

Westran will come into Chester Ray Stadium on Friday, and the one-loss Hornets will seek a result similar to last season's district championship in which they beat the Tigers 42-16.

Marceline had previously defeated Westran in the penultimate week of the regular season on the road.

Westran's only loss this season came in upset fashion against Scotland County two weeks ago, meaning that with the Tigers' loss to Fayette, they no longer control their destiny within the Lewis & Clark.

The Hornets' quarterback, number 15 Alex Young, is their most dynamic threat. Young has passed for 766 yards on just fewer than 80 attempts, and he also holds a major stake in the rushing game. His 87 carries for 535 yards accounts for nearly a third of his team's season total. Number 1, Koby Coonce, is his favorite target, tallying 510 yards on just 22 receptions through seven games.

Young is also his team's leading tackler.

"Everything runs through the Young kid," Marceline coach Mark Ross said. "He's a huge threat in the run game and the passing game, and they've got a lot of weapons across the board.

"They'll probably throw more offensive stuff at us than anybody we've seen yet this year. We'll have several adjustments and alignments we'll have to worry about, but focusing on the quarterback is the number one priority."

Number 34, sophomore Kolby Dale, leads Westran in rushing with a huge yards-per-carry average, tallying 818 yards on 87 attempts.

Defensively, the Hornets mix up their sets fluidly. Westran will run three-man, four-man, and five-man fronts, cycling between the three circumstantially. The Hornets predominantly play man defense with a single safety over top, possibly playing into the Tigers' penchant for getting athletes out into space in the flats.

Westran's Ben Miller, number 54, uses his massive, 6-foot-3, 240-pound frame to clog things up in the middle.

"We haven't outweighed anybody on the line yet, and I don't think that we will any time soon," Ross joked. "It allows us to be good at what we're good at -- getting kids into space and getting some blocks at the second level. We've got to be quicker than them and confuse them a little bit.

"We watched the film from last year's game, and it's definitely something our boys haven't forgotten. It'll be a dogfight. We want to get this one under our belt and hope we see them again down the road."