Despite the fact that the second-seeded Marceline Tigers will host the seventh-seeded, two-win Maysville Wolverines in the opening round of Class 1 District 8 play on Friday, no one can be overlooked.

Marceline coach Mark Ross said that despite wins only against winless Polo and a battered Putnam County team, Maysville has pieces.

"They've got some pretty decent size up front, and they rely on stopping the run and making the quarterback go," Ross said. "Offensively, they run a lot of stuff all over the board. There are 31 different formations that we've gone through with our boys that we've seen them run this year. It's a lot for us, so you know it's a lot for them as well."

Sophomore quarterback Mallan Cole, wearing number 5, will be the Wolverines' truest threat. Cole, like so many other quarterbacks at the Class 1 level, is entrusted with doing much of the offense's heavy lifting.

However, the young signal caller is considered to be more than simply the team's best athlete designated to take every snap.

"He's probably the best pure passer that we've seen all season, just judging him on film," Ross said. "He does a great job of getting the ball out quick and getting it to his athletes as quickly as he can."

The Wolverines will try to apply as much pressure to Marceline quarterback Chase Billups as they can, and they will make running back Cullen Bruner's job a challenge if they consistently succeed at getting into the backfield. Maysville may load as many as nine defenders into the box on any given snap.

Maysville runs almost no zone schemes against the pass, instead trusting the defensive secondary and front seven to force the quarterback into poor making decisions.

On film, the Wolverines run Cover 0 in virtually every passing situation.

Despite Maysville's dismal record, Ross does not know what to expect, but believes his players will be mentally focused.

"They do some good stuff, and they look pretty good on film," Ross said. "It's hard to tell if it's just the competition they're playing, or if they are pretty good. We haven't seen any of the teams they're playing live, so we'll just see.

"We'll have everything prepared and ready to go. Records can be misleading at times, and we continue to stress that."