The Brookfield football team is revamping offensively, installing a new scheme in effort to alleviate some of the third-down and stalled-drive woes that have mired the Bulldogs the past two seasons.

The Bulldogs' new "flexbone" system is intended to limit crucial decision making and reads and keep the ball in the hands of Brookfield's most talented athletes, namely junior quarterback Derek Liebhart.

The system mimics what teams like Navy and Georgia Tech have done since time immemorial, and Clarence Cannon's run-heavy teams like Macon have also, at times, taken a page out of Paul Johnson's playbook.

"We've had three Tuesdays so far working on it, and each week we implement a couple new kinks," Brookfield head coach Scott Stevens said. "We're really happy with the progress we've made so far. We're going to be balanced in who's running the ball at any time, and at times, that's what we lacked last year. We have kids who are going to thrive out of the option."

The flexbone is a system that features two fullbacks and a wingback. On any given play, the ball could end up in the hands of any of those three, or it could stay in the hands of the quarterback.

The Bulldogs have foregone seven-on-seven games this summer strictly so they can work on the offense on Tuesdays.

Of Brookfield's nine losses last season, four of them came by one score or less. The Bulldogs' turnovers and inconsistency on third downs are expected to be quelled under Stevens' new offensive schematics.

"We feel like we have an answer for everything," Stevens said. "If someone's trying to take something away, we'll be able to respond to it by doing what we're good at: running the football. Everything is predicated on what the defense is doing, and that's going to take a lot of pressure off of (Liebhart).

"Our defense and special teams are still good enough to put us in good field position every single drive, and our new offense is all about ball-control. That puts us in a position to win games."