When the Tigers open play in Memphis on Friday night, barring illness, they will be ready to go.

Aside from there being an influenza bug going around the team, Marceline coach Mark Ross said that his camp will be poised to start the season 1-0 versus Scotland County.

"Defensively, they're a different team than they were last year, but we're basing that solely off of film from their jamboree," Ross said. "It doesn't really change anything that we're doing, but we just need to be smart about attacking that as far playcalling goes."

Scotland County, coming off of an 8-3 season, lost its best player in quarterback and defensive back Will Fromm. Fromm, the team's mister everything, led the Tigers to eight consecutive victories before falling to South Shelby in the district semifinals.

Scotland County notched a signature win last season when it routed Westran at home, 38-21, with a late Hornet touchdown required to even make it that close.

Without Fromm, the blue Tigers will struggle to move the football against Marceline. The gold and black Tigers won by 30 points at home last season.

"Overall, they're pretty young on both sides of the ball," Ross said. "That will help us a little bit, but we're pretty young as well. They've got a couple speedy kids, and they'll try to get the ball into their hands as much as possible, but it's nothing that we haven't been working on."