On Friday night, any apprehensions about a slow start to Marceline's season were dispelled.

The Tiger football team defeated Knox County, 50-16, at Chester Ray and returned to recognizable form.

After a 22-12 victory versus Scotland County a week prior in which the Tigers struggled to find an offensive identity, that did not seem to be an issue on Friday.

The Tigers jumped to a 28-0 lead with only a minute off of the clock in the second quarter on the back of three Cullen Bruner touchdowns.

The senior finished the evening with four total touchdowns, and also railed a 40-yard field goal a week after setting the school record with a 49-yarder.

Marceline coach Mark Ross said that this Tiger team is the one he anticipates showing up each and every week.

"Offensively, we changed some things this week, and in all honesty, we didn't know what our focus was going to be until late in the week," Ross said. "We controlled their linebackers, and we're excited about how much we grew tonight.

"That's what we expected to happen last week for (Cullen), so we're really happy to see it this week. The scary thing is that my optimism tells me it's only going to get better."

Marceline scored its fourth touchdown of the game as a result of a poor special teams play on Knox County's behalf.

The Tigers got their fourth touchdown mere seconds after their third, recovering a booted kickoff and punching it in. Eight minutes later, Knox County scored its only significant touchdown of the game when quarterback Conner Hayes broke a fourth-and-inches tackle from the 45 and created a first-and-goal situation.

He scored on the following play.

After Bruner rushed for a 40-yard touchdown in the middle of the third quarter, the Tigers had the luxury of getting other guys some time in a varsity situation.

Marceline quarterback Alex McCauslin had a rushing touchdown of his own, punching the thing in from 17 yards out. Knox scored from 48 yards on a pass from Hayes to Branson Miller, but Marceline's only late touchdown was courtesy of a two-yard carry by sophomore Mason Barnett a few minutes later.

"We really didn't have a great run game last week, but we established the tone immediately (tonight) and let them know what we were going to do," McCauslin said. "We got our calls together, and in certain formations, we were comfortable flipping a play.

"Focus, get in, do your job, get out and practice. That's what we're saying to each other. We have a group of guys who can't wait for practice. Beyond one busted play tonight for them, we're focused on ourselves."

The Bell Game is the Tigers' next martchup.