Brookfield's volleyball team had a rough night on Thursday evening, falling to Kirksville in straight sets at home, 25-5, 25-5.

Kirksville, a stingy Class 3 team, advances to 7-2 with the victory, while Brookfield falls to 1-3 with a just a single-set victory over Mexico.

The Bulldogs failed to force many rallies on Thursday night, and lost many of Kirksville's 50 points on services.

Brookfield coach Jaclyn Burns said that her side took a little bit of a step back after looking sound in Tuesday's loss to Chillicothe.

"Our serve-receive killed us today, and we left some gaps or moved late to those," the first-year coach said. "Before, we could make that adjustment, and tonight we were too flat-footed. If we're back on our heels, we're not going to win the point."

"Kirksville can cross, they can dump it deep, they can play it short. For us, we've been trying to play through some injuries and find a balance. We played some different girls, but this group is great about playing for the team, even with a different dynamic which is frustrating. It might look different for different sets, but our girls know that they can play with whoever and make it work."

The Bulldogs travel to face winless Carrollton on Monday evening.