For the last time -- at least in the next handful of years -- Brookfield is meeting Lexington at their place on Friday.

The Bulldogs replaced the Minutemen with Trenton on the schedule for the following two years.

Brookfield doesn't want to leave laundry on the field. They committed 17 penalties in last year's 38-20 loss at Burlington Field.

"We shot ourselves in the foot last year in an important game within the district," Brookfield head coach Scott Stevens said. "That was (quarterback Derek Liebhart's) first start, and we had a really great game plan for him. At the same time, defensively, we found some things, but we started getting tired up front."

With a guy like Liebhart out for the season, Stevens still feels that his side has what it takes to stop a 2-1 Lexington side, especially coming off of such an emotional victory in last Friday's Bell Game.

"They have a bunch of options that we need to shut down. They have a (junior running back, Johnathan Taylor) that can give us a really hard time. He's one of their quarterbacks, so to speak, but any time he gets the football, it's all about misdirection. They're athletic, and they're good at what they do."

Lexington runs a spinner set, and at any given time, anyone in the backfield can receive the football.

In last year's game, then-freshman Alex Porras carried for roughly 180 yards.

Even with a new coaching staff, Lexington will be hard to handle. The Minutemen suffered the same demise as the Bulldogs in district play last season by falling to Lawson.

Stevens said that Friday's victory in the Bell Game won't leave his boys incredulous, especially after Brookfield junior Trace Alexander carried the ball 40 times on Friday night.

"Obviously, Friday was a big win for us, but it's only one game," Stevens said. "Our guys have responded great to that, and used that as momentum.

"We have five great ball-carriers on our team, and definitely we have to get them all involved to put ourselves in a position to win in Lexington. (Alexander) just worked on Friday night, and that won't always be the case."