Brookfield's volleyball team had a rough night on Tuesday, generating just seven points through two sets. Hannibal won routinely in consecutive sets.

The Bulldogs lost the first set, 25-4, before falling in the second set, 25-3.

Countless times, Brookfield was unable to force any rally, and many times, the Bulldogs got burned on services.

"We weren't in it mentally, and when we're like that, it doesn't matter from there," Brookfield head coach Jaclyn Burns said. "When we're doing well, we communicate, and that's why we're doing well. There's a 100 percent correlation. Tonight, we were silent. This isn't a good time for anybody.

"We're definitely at a disadvantage when we play these bigger schools, but we have no excuse for not showing up to play. Tonight, we looked like we'd rather be anywhere else than on the volleyball court."

Brookfield plays again Tuesday at home versus Mexico.