Brookfield Bowl owner Brian Menini has had an adventurous run, to put it mildly.

He has wanted to own a bowling alley since he was seven years old, and in doing so, it is just one of the many aspirations he has successfully knocked out regarding the sport.

The Senior PBA bowler began when he was five years old, and turned it into a profitable venture.

In 1990, Menini began bowling in eight leagues in Las Vegas, and bowled in whatever tournaments he could find. He joined the PBA in 1999 and won two regional titles in his career.

"I lost a bunch of money to begin with, so I paid my dues, so to speak," Menini said. "In March of last year, I began the senior tour and bowled everywhere between North Carolina and California."

Menini profited from six of his first 12 tournaments on the Senior Tour, including five of the last six.

He doesn't feel like a star-struck kid anymore. Menini has made it into the ranks.

"I was one of those guys who was good, but not really in the ranks," Menini said. "Even at this point, I'm still learning, but people know who I am now. Pete Weber knows who I am."

As a teenager, Menini was a 169 bowler, and realized he was passionate when he left the Air Force in 1990.

Menini's senior tournaments last season consisted mostly of two-day, sixteen-game qualifying. The Senior Tour is for bowlers 50 years of age or better.

He said that the Senior Tour competitions in which he has competed haven't been stressful for him, and that it has simply been the extension of one of his deepest passions.

"I just decided that I was going to do this, and I was going to make a couple bucks doing this," Menini said. "At the end of the day, this is better than I could have dreamed. We have leagues out (at Brookfield Bowl) all the time, I've gotten to a point where I have personally accomplished things in the bowling world I never imagined I'd do, and I'm still improving."