Although the official answer might be lost to the sands of time, all research indicates that Marceline and Carrollton have not met for a varsity football game since 1953.

Very rarely do the Tigers have an opportunity to face an opponent with whom they are so unfamiliar.

Marceline hosts Carrollton on Friday night in the second round of Class 1 District 5 play. Marceline handled St. Paul Lutheran (Concordia), while Carrollton ran through Fayette, 29-8.

It was a great relief to Marceline coach Mark Ross to find that Fayette was forced to start a freshman quarterback, and that Carrollton recorded touchdowns on long fumble recoveries and punt returns to mask an otherwise ho-hum performance.

After five straight losses, Carrollton advanced to 5-5. All of the Trojans' losses were at the hands of Class 2 schools.

"On film, they do some really good things, and at other times, not so much," Ross said. "Their quarterback (junior Gavin Claud) creates some difficulties with his legs, and he throws a good ball. As always, we'll just come out and play our game and play assignment/alignment football."

Carrollton will predominantly run a spread offense, which the Tigers have seen just twice this season. The Trojans have come out in a total of eight different formations this season, and two of those were just debuted in last week's district opener. Marceline will throw the Trojans an abundance of different looks defensively to keep Carrollton confused.

Defensively, Carrollton will stay in a 4-3 box with two high safeties and try to funnel everything toward its linebackers.

"What's exciting about facing someone like Carrollton is that they've faced a lot bigger schools," Ross said. "They're in that in-between stage based on their location, and I know they weren't very successful in a lot of those games, but their kids are getting better by playing that tougher competition. It makes this week's game interesting when there's not really a history there."