Brookfield Board of Education budgets, braces for unforeseen circumstances

Henry Janssen

Brookfield’s Board of Education has finalized some decisions for the 2020-2021 school year, despite coronavirus leaving so many things totally up in the air.

Firstly, regarding Brookfield R-III employees, salary schedule was approved to give certified staff a $300 base raise and non-certified staff a $0.50 hourly raise. District contribution to individual employee health insurance premiums will jump seven percent.

“It’s not as much as we had hoped to do, but with the state budget revenue very much in doubt, we are being even more conservative in our expenditure and revenue estimates than normal,” Brookfield superintendent Dr. Kyle Collins said.

The Board suspects that state revenue may not come, and fully expects to experience a rough year or two. Fortunately, the district has generated enough surplus in recent years to feel confident in its ability to weather whatever may come.

The district has received a chunk of funding from the federal CARES Act, which will go predominantly toward ensuring healthy, sanitary environments throughout the district. Some of that funding will also be allocated toward screening methods.

Another portion of the federal funding will be used to make remote learning more accessible for both teachers and students.

“Our intent is to beef up our technological capabilities ... to not only help through a prolonged closure, but also to enhance day-to-day learning experiences,” Collins said.