Marceline City Council adopts three health and safety ordinances

Henry Janssen

At last week’s meeting on July 21, the Marceline City Council adopted three ordinances for the health and safety of the citizens of the City.

The first ordinance, numbered 20-07.06, concerns street numbers of houses. With the ordinance, home and business owners are required to affix their street number with numerals at least three inches in height facing toward the street to which their address is attributed. The primary impetus behind this ordinance is to make the jobs of emergency first responders amply easier.

In a release, the City said that rarely is the lack of proper numbering intentional, and that it will work with residents and give them a reasonable amount of time.

The second ordinance may come as a bit of a surprise. Ordinance 20-07.05 installs a no-passing zone on Main Street USA, which until now, had never been brought before the Council. The zone begins at Santa Fe Avenue and ends south on Lake Street.

Passing within Marceline was already restricted within 100 feet of an intersection, but with city blocks totally roughly 300 feet, additional measures were required for Main Street USA.

Ordinance 20-07.04 deals with control of animals, and is essentially an addendum to the already-existent Section 220.030 Municipal Code of Ordinances. The Code dealt with “animals at large” considered to be livestock or fowl. The new ordinance aims to take care of that problem preemptively by requiring livestock or fowl to be fenced, penned, or cooped in an adequate structure.

The ordinance’s creation was the product of an increased number of complaints regarding animals roaming through neighborhoods.