Council appoints new city attorney, doesn’t change golf cart ordinance

Angie Talken
Linn County Leader

During Tuesday night’s regular meeting the Marceline City Council listened to a discussion about insurance coverage for the city, decided not to change a golf cart ordinance and appointed a new city attorney. 

City staff recommended to and the council agreed to retain Chapman and Cowherd, P.C., as city attorney for one year starting Dec. 15.

“He has proven himself already to be a professional and I am glad to have him on board,” City Manager Richard Hoon said.

The council also heard detailed presentations regarding the city’s general liability, auto and workers compensation insurance.

In a letter to council members, City Clerk Lindsay Krumpelman explained, the city currently has MOPERM for general liability and auto coverage and Missouri Rural Services for workers’ compensation insurance, and has for several years. With current local insurance broker Adam Stallo with Hawkins Insurance Group.

The scheduled renewal for MOPERM is January 1 and April 1 for  Missouri Rural Services.

Following discussion during the budget process, the council consented to allow Krumpleman to seek a quote from MIRMA after other municipalities mentioned having coverage through the company. 

MIRMA Representative Matthew Brodersen and Adam Stallo both attended the Tuesday night meeting and presented quotes. Hoon said after some discussion the council asked the two parties to compare services. The council, Stallo, Brodersen and city staff planned a Friday meeting to listen to the comparison and make a  decision.

There is $212,649.00 for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 for general liability, auto and workers compensation insurance expenses.

The council also padded an ordinance raising cremation and weekend burial fees at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, to keep up with rising costs. 

The council agreed to raise the opening/closing costs for cremation by $100 to $250, and to $350 for weekend/holiday opening and closings.

City staff has noted an increase in the number of cremations and the number of burials on weekends/holidays, causing an increase in overtime pay for employees. The council agreed to raise the price of weekend/holiday grave openings to $550.

An ordinance was changed making parking violations enforceable in front of Marceline High School on E. Santa Fe Street between Missouri Highway 5 and Walnut Street. The school district has placed signs stating the parking on that stretch of the city street is for teachers only between 7 a.m.,- 4 p.m., Monday-Friday. This change to the ordinance, Hoon said, simply makes parking there during restricted hours a violation.

“This will be something enforced based on complaints,” he said.

The council held a brief discussion about changes being sought to the golf cart ordinance.

During the September and October council meetings ordinances involving ATV/UTVs and golf carts were lengthy. A citizen attended the October meeting and requested the city consider allowing nighttime driving of golf carts on city streets for those who have the proper legal lighting requirements for night driving. After discussion in October and at the Dec. 15 meeting, the group decided to leave the ordinance as is, sighting safety concerns.