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As low as $1 for 3 months

2021 Marceline curbside trash and recycling guidelines

Linn County Leader

Earlier this week, Marceline City Manager Richard Hoon issued a news blast containing the city’s trash and recycling guidelines for 2021.

Pickup is once a week on Tuesday in the provided 95-gallon cart, and trash must be placed out the night before pick up or no later than 6 a.m., that morning. 

In the news blast, Hoon stated, residential door service will be provided for disabled and handicapped residents at no additional cost. A physician’s note is required for this service.

Garbage carts are not required and garbage may be placed in a suitable waste bag. Those using carts should be sure to place them no more than three feet from the curb with at least three feet between the cart and any other objects such as parked cars, light poles, mailboxes and other carts. Refuse crews also ask residents using carts to be sure to place garbage and recycling carts on opposite sides of the driveway. Cart handles should be facing the house and away from the street and should be removed from the street and placed near the home or building after collection.

Items that are not accepted for pickup include hazardous materials, liquid waste, tires, animal carcasses, yard waste, bulk items, appliances, construction, remodeling and demolition material.

Curbside Recycling Service is provided bi-weekly in the provided 65-gallon cart. The first date for recycling pick-up in 2021 is Jan. 12. The same regulations for trash carts follow for recycling carts. Items that do not fit within the cart should be placed in clear bags and set beside the cart with the exception of newspaper and cardboard. Newspaper and cardboard must be broken down, tied, and bundled for collection. Hoon noted, recyclables not at the curb when the driver services that side of the street will need to wait until the next scheduled day for collection. Cardboard not placed in carts must be broken down and bundled; no intact boxes will be accepted (loosely or containing other recyclable materials). 

Items accepted are subject to change based on what Hope Haven Industries willa accept. Items currently accepted include plastics #1 & #2, aluminum cans, chipboard (food boxes), mixed paper (junk mail, catalogs, etc.), tin cans (food cans), newspaper, cardboard and grocery bags. All items must be clean, dry and free of food debris. Shredded paper is accepted, however, it must be bagged separately for collection.

Items NOT accepted for pickup include pizza boxes (or other boxes that touched food), toilet paper or paper towels, diapers or feminine products, food debris/unclean items, loose shredded paper, styrofoam, glass, yard waste, clothing, lumber or building materials, and paper plates.

To report a missed collection or service issue, call Advanced Disposal at 800-778-7652 within 24 hours.

Hoon noted that failure to report missed pickups within 24 hours may delay the collection to the next scheduled collection day since recycling is a bi-weekly service.

Bulk Waste Service is conducted twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall; on the first Tuesday in May and November for residential customers on the southeast side of the railroad tracks. Bulk cleanup will be collected on the second Tuesday in May and November for residential customers on the northwest side of the railroad tracks.  Bulk waste must be placed curbside the night before, or prior to 6 a.m. on the scheduled day of collection.

Appliance collection is provided twice each year (Spring and Fall) for a fee.

Customers exceeding 10yds during bulk collection will be required to contract for service with Advacned Disposal at their own expense,” Hoon said.

Items NOT accepted for pickup include construction and demolition debris, tires and auto parts, hazardous material, yard waste or vegetation, liquids, including cooking oil, chemicals, paint, etc., and materials banned by law.