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Marceline U-turn ordinance explained

Linn County Leader

Marceline’s City Manager Richard Hoon said there can be some confusion for residents when it comes to city ordinances involving u-turns within the city limits.

Recently, he sent out a news blast “The ore you know”, explaining the ordinance.

Hoon said, “Per Section 325.050 of the Marceline Code of Ordinances, operators of motor vehicles may make U-turns at any intersection, except as prohibited by posted signage. In making such a turn, the operator shall drive to the nearest intersection, give adequate warning of his/her intention to approaching vehicles (using vehicle’s turn signals) and yield the right-of-way to any vehicle or vehicles which may be approaching from any direction. No U-turn shall be made at any place other than an intersection.  Violations are subject to fines of up to $200.”

The driver making the u-turn does not have the right of way. Hoon noted, it is important to reiterate that the driver making the U-turn must yield to all other traffic.

Making a u-turn in the middle of a black is prohibited, and is the most often violation of the u-turn ordinance.

“We see many instances where vehicles turn around (other than at an intersection) on Main Street USA to park in a diagonal parking place on the opposite side of the street.  This traffic maneuver is dangerous and strictly prohibited because the act of turning around has been completed (U-turn) at other than an intersection, and double lines were crossed during the maneuver,” he said.

Hoon asked drivers to be safe and pay extra attention when making a u-turn.

“Please play it safe and make your turn at the intersection or circle the block,” he said. “Remember, U-turns are not allowed in many cities and is considered a convenience for drivers in Marceline if done legally and safely.”

The Marceline Code of Ordinances can be viewed here: