MDC releases final deer harvest total

Linn County Leader

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has released the final totals for Missouri's 2020-2021 deer-hunting season, which ended Jan. 15 with MDC reporting a preliminary total deer harvest for the season of 296,516. Of the deer harvested, 140,468 were antlered bucks, 28,587 were button bucks, and 127,461 were does.

Top harvest counties for the overall deer season were Franklin with 5,786 deer harvested, Howell with 5,367, and Callaway with 4,989.

Hunters harvested 285,873 deer during the 2019-2020 deer hunting season with 134,092 being antlered bucks, 27,970 being button bucks,and 123,811 being does.

“Although harvest was down slightly during the November portion of firearms deer season, when most of the deer harvest occurs, increases in most of the other season portions contributed to about a four-percent increase in this year’s total deer harvest over last year’s,” said MDC Cervid Program Supervisor Jason Isabelle. “The increased harvest is largely a reflection of increasing deer numbers throughout much of the state.”

Archery deer results

Deer hunting ended with the close of the archery season. Preliminary data from MDC showed that hunters checked 67,180 deer during the 2020-2021 archery deer season. Top counties for the archery deer season were Jefferson with 1,630, Saint Louis with 1,384 and Franklin with 1,315.

Hunters checked 61,407 deer during the 2019-2020 archery deer season.

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Archery turkey results

Fall archery turkey hunting also ended Jan. 15. Preliminary data from MDC showed 2,905  turkeys harvested. Top counties for the fall archery turkey season were Greene with 84, Franklin with 78 and Texas with 61.

Hunters harvested 2,406 turkeys during the 2019-2020 fall archery turkey season.

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Hunting incidents

MDC reported four firearms-related hunting incidents during the 2020-2021 fall deer and turkey hunting seasons. The incidents were all self-inflicted and non-fatal.