Buck runs for another term on council

Angie Talken
Linn County Leader

Long-time county council member and current mayor,  Sallie Buck is running for another term on the Marceline City Council in hopes of continuing to have an active role in the growth of the city.

"I very much enjoy my time serving on the City Council, have learned a lot about our city government, and enjoy watching our community prosper. With the upcoming expiration of my current term, I would like the opportunity to continue for another three-year term," she said. "It is an exciting time in Marceline, lots of positive energy, and I am anxious to take part in our continued growth."

After six years on the council, Buck said she understands the need for careful budgeting and appreciates all of the behind-the-scenes work of dedicated city employees. She has served the city as mayor since April 2019. 

"As with many small cities, having enough money to do all the things needed can be a challenge. Our annual budgeting process is very involved, and we work hard to cover the necessities while understanding the need to have a reserve to cover the unexpected. With long-range plans in place, it helps us stay focused and chip away at the major infrastructure expenses," she said. "I feel our biggest assets are our employees – from the front-line workers to our administration – all are very dedicated to doing a good job, willing to step up when needed, and they take pride in the quality of work done."

Voters are being asked to select two candidates for two, three-year terms on the council. Buck said, should she be reelected she looks forward to continuing her work with the new council. 

"If re-elected on April 6, to serve on the council for another three-year term, my goal would be to continue to do my best in making sound decisions for the overall good of Marceline. Our population has a varied age range, and we must consider what is best for all age ranges during our decision-making. With the staggering terms of the five council members, I have worked with different several different Council members over the last six years and am proud to say we have always worked very well together. We can “agree to disagree”, and I would expect that respect for one another to continue – all for what is in the best interest of Marceline," she said. 

Buck, a Rothville native, Rothville, graduated from Northwestern High School and graduated from then, Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville with a degree in Business Administration.

She has worked for Walsworth for 48 years.

Civic involvement is important to Buck who is an active 20 plus-year member of the Marceline Rotary Club. She also spends her time working with the Walsworth Community Center Board, Downtown Marceline, and the Marceline United Methodist Church.