Carlson seeks seat on Marceline City Council

Angie Talken
Linn County Leader

Tracy Carlson hopes voters will cast their ballot for him during the April 6 election, as he wishes to return to public service in his hometown.

"I seek election to the Marceline City Council at this time for the purpose of promoting Marceline, preserving Marceline’s rich history and protecting our citizenry. Marceline has the opportunity to emerge from the pandemic toward future success. The Marceline IDA Board works diligently to provide access to resources that promote entrepreneurship," he said.  "It is crucial at this time to continue promotion and implementation of targeted resources designed to encourage Marceline’s youth to return and establish themselves upon completing college and/or trade school."

Carlson said, one of the biggest issues facing the city is the lack of available funding for large projects.

"Marceline’s biggest opportunity to make improvement lies with infrastructure. Marceline has recently completed several fantastic work projects, including improvements to Missouri Ave./Missouri Highway 5 near the high school, improvements on the 100 block of East Hauser Street, as well as the 100 block of West California Avenue," he said. "Marceline would have additional opportunities to make infrastructure improvements/upgrades if additional funding sources were available, which is extremely difficult in these times."

According to Carlson, the city's biggest asset is its dedicated employees and variety of recreational offerings and should he be elected he hopes to build on those assets. 

"Marceline’s biggest asset is its people that work hard each day to improve the quality of life, security and personal mobility of its residents, along with those who serve Marceline either as an employee or member of a Board. Marceline has a modern swimming facility and community center available for year-round usage, as well as open and inviting parks," he said. "If I am elected to serve Marceline as a member of the City Council, I will seek to maintain a professional and knowledgeable staff in all municipal departments and preserve our economic resources/landmarks. "

His priorities "concern economic development related to maintaining and preserving current businesses and attracting new business to locate in Marceline," he said. 

Carlson opened a private law practice in the are in 2001; then served as  Linn County Prosecuting Attorney from 2003 to 2018 and is currently the attorney for the 9th Circuit Juvenile Office.

His civic involvement includes being a member of the Marceline Planning Commission and Marceline Historic Preservation Board.

He and his wife, Cathy Enyeart have been married for 17 ½ years. 

Tracy Carlson