News from Marceline R-V Schools

Linn County Leader

News from Marceline R-V Schools includes the following student highlights: 

The Walt Disney Elementary School Spelling Bee was held March 26. The following students will head to the Linn County Spelling Bee. Fifth Grade: 1st Place - Trace Terrell; 2nd Place - Nicole Pope; Alternate - Bennett Foster. Fourth Grade: 1st Place - JoJo Peck; 2nd Place - Kymber Barrett; 3rd Place - Nolan Green. 

2021 MSHSAA Solo Contest results are as follows:  Steven Graves-Trombone Solo-Bronze; Devon Holtel-Flute Solo-Bronze; Jordyn Blanton-Clarinet Solo-Bronze; Sarah Wright-Trumpet Solo-Bronze; Madelynne Bond-Vocal Solo-Bronze; Jack DeWeese-Vocal Solo-Bronze; Molly Allen-Vocal Solo-Bronze; Jenna Stallo-Snare Drum Solo-Silver and Trevor Phillips-Vocal Solo-Gold.