11.5% of voters head to polls for municipal elections

Angie Talken
Linn County Leader

County-wide 11.52% of voters cast their ballots during the April 6 Municipal Election. 

Voters in Brookfield elected a new council member and two school board members. Marceline voters elected Sallie Buck for another term on the council; former City Attorney Tracy Carlson was also elected. 

Four candidates ran for two seats on the Marceline City Council. Current Mayor Sallie Buck received 110 votes, Tracy Carlson, 84 votes; Perry Wiggins, 58 votes and former Marceline Police Officer Jeffrey Gulley received 31 votes. 

Carlson said he appreciated the support of the citizens of Marceline and he looks forward to serving them. 

"I truly appreciate the opportunity the citizens of Marceline have provided me serve the community, he said. "I am excited to begin working to build upon the quality of life for Marceline residents.

"I am encouraged by recent opportunities that may allow Marceline to experience growth and look forward to bein working to develop and or implement them."

Poll workers at Brookfield 1and 2 check in a voter on Tuesday afternoon. At 1:25 p.m., there had been 88 votes cast at that polling location. Polls remained open until 7 p.m.

Buck, who has served six years on the council, and has been Mayor since 2019 thanked voters and said community interest is important .

"A sincere thank you to all who voted in yesterday’s (April 6)  election and to all the candidates who stepped up to run for the council positions.  The interest shown in both of these areas only strengths our community," she said. "I proudly look forward to serving another term on the Marceline City Council."


William F. Paalhar, a life-long Linn County resident and Richard Techau were candidates for one seat on the Brookfield City Council. Techau, who has previously served as mayor and councilperson, won the race with 166 voted to Paalahr's 138 votes.

On Wednesday Techau said he hopes more people continue to step forward to work for the betterment of Brookfield. 

"I want to thank everyone who took the time to come out and vote in Tuesday’s election. The turnout was smaller than I would have thought for a day when the weather was almost perfect. The vote was close and I appreciate Bill for stepping up and running in the election, we need more people interested in the operation of our city," he said. "I want to thank everyone for their vote and support and I will do my utmost to make decisions in the best interest of all the citizens of Brookfield for the next three years."

There were three candidates for two seats on the Brookfield- Ri-II School Board. Amanda (Mandy) Tarpening received 295 votes; December (Noel) Staddie, 291 and Amy Lewis 202 votes. 

Staddie, a 1996 Brookfield R-II graduate, is an early childhood educator who said she would bring a unique perspective to the board. She commented after being elected. 

Tuesday night after being elected.

​"I am pleased with the outcome and look forward to serving the children and families of the Brookfield RIII School District," she said. 

Tarpening, who was was elected to her second term on the school board said she is excited to continue to be a link between the community and board.

"I am honored to have been elected for a second term on the Brookfield R-III School Board.  I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote on April 6th!  The support and encouragement over the last three months has been overwhelming, and it has reminded me that God has called me to serve in the Brookfield area for many reasons.," she said. "As I begin my second term on the Brookfield R-III Board of Education I will continue to advocate for our teachers, administrators and staff as well as stand up for students and parents and their right to a quality education.  Above all, I want to continue to be a link between our school system and the community as a whole.  I am excited to continue the good work and progress that the board has made under the leadership of Dr. Kyle Collins, because the strength of our community starts with the quality of our schools."

Other election results for the April 6 Municipal Election in Linn County are as follows.

There were no candidates for mayor in Linneus;  nine write-in votes were cast.

In Meadville, there were two seats open for alderman,  Brandy Barclay received 10 votes and Deborah Bennett received eight votes. 

Locust Creek Township Clerk - D D Russell - uncontested race. Wesley Groves received 53 votes in an uncontested race for trustee. Shawn Neal and Robert Barrows won the race for township board member with 51 and 33 votes respectively; Dennis Davis received 31 votes. 

North Benton Township:

Clerk - five write-in votes were cast. There were no candidates for trustee, but six write-in votes were cast; 10 write-in votes were cast for a township board member. 

Baker Township:

Terri Fitzgerald received 25 votes in an uncontested race for clerk. Dale Fitzgerald received 25 votes for trustee. In the race for Baker Township Board Members, Wendell Liebhart and Ronald Phillips won with 22 and 21 votes, respectively; Eugene Liebhart received 9 votes. 

Kathy Main received  75 votes for Bucklin Township Clerk. There were also seven write-in votes cast. James R Main received 67 votes for Bucklin Township Truste there was also 17 write-in votes. in the race for Bucklin Township Board members, Jeremy A. Molloy and Jarred D. Main won with 77 and 72 votes respectively; Larry D. Jones received 51 votes. 


Richard Casady received 60 votes in an uncontested race for Bucklin Mayor. Steve Herriman received 64 votes and Jimmy Riley, 56 votes for the two open seats for a two-year term as Bucklin Alderman. 

In the race for two seats on the Bucklin R-II School Board, Jessica Watson received 95 votes; Julie Byers 67; Elisha Weimer, 41 and Daniel Riegerix, 33 votes. 

There were 12 write-in votes cast for a one-year term as Buklin Alderman. 


James Small received nine votes and Debra Pergande received seven votes for Purdin alderman. 


Madeline Oertwig received 26 votes and nine write-in votes were cast for Linnues alderman at large. 


Two people - Barbara Richmond and Cheryl Wallace - ran for the two seats as Laclede Alderman. Richmond received 30 votes and Wallace received seven votes and 16 write-in votes were cast. 

Linn County:

Fred Lewis received 173 votes in an uncontested race for a board member with Linn Ambulance District 5. 

Jack green received 91 votes and Rodney Seals received 79 votes to win the two seata as Linn County Board Members, Crystal C.Palmer received 31. 

In an uncontested race, Tom Burtch received 29 votes for director of PWSD 3 Sub District 2. John Kehr ran an uncontested race for PWSD 3 Sub District 5 director. 

There were 11 votes cast for Linn Ambulance District 2 Board Member. 


R. Dean Spencer received five votes in an uncontested race for mayor; there was also one write-in vote. Chad Gooch and Jackie Lynn Flummer both received five votes for Browning Alderman at Large, there were two seats available.