St. Tabitha the Widow Thrift Store to open

Donations now being accepted

Angie Talken
Linn County Leader

A new thrift store - St. Tabitha the Widow Thrift Store - is set to open in Brookfield in early May.

The store is one of the projects of the Emergency Services Corp.

The store is a part of the of St Porphyrios Mission and part of the Emergency Services Corp.

"The purpose of the mission is to do things like providing a soup kitchen or feeding center for folks who don't fit in other aide programs," Pastor Mike Quigley said. "One of the questions  we had was - how to finance this."

Then the idea came to branch out the Emergency Services Corp's desire to handle collection and distribution following a disaster.

"Let's say someone's house burns down, they have to start over. They need clothing, household good, etc., we want to be as broad range as we can with what we are providing," he said.

The store, located at 301 Main St., in Brookfield, will serve as a means to raise funds for other mission work, but will also provide needed items, free of charge, to those experiencing a disaster.

Donations are being accepted at the store from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, though arrangements should be confirmed.

Quigly said there are three categories of items that are currently accepting and needing donations.

"Stuff to run the facility like office furniture,  and benevolent donations," he said. "Things we could resell to provide income or also things that would be distributed in the wake of an emergency."

Quigley said anyone in Linn County is eligible for services offered by the Emergency Services Corp., no matter their religious beliefs or participation. 

"I'm not here to open a new church in Brookfield we are here to provide relief and comfort - it is more about trying to help people and relieve suffering," he said. "Big thing for us is that people understand we are here to help them, that we will do what we can do." 

Plans are for the mission to grow and continue to meet a variety of community needs including hosting a soup kitchen, working with residents on resume workshops, locating legal help, working with addiction recovery groups and address other needs as presented or needed in the community. 

Anyone needing assistance following a disaster, or wishing to donate items or volunteer should contact Quigley at 816-286-4801. Plans are to have the store open on May 4.