Second graders serve as jurors in trial of B.B Wolf

Linn County Leader

Second-grade students from Linn County R-1, Bucklin and Brookfield served as jurors in the trial of the Land of Far Far Away vs. B.B. Wolf on April 23.

According to a press release from Linn County prosecutor Shiante McMahon the event was held to coincide with National Crime Victims Rights Week; the Linn County Prosecuting Attorney’s office, along with the Ninth Circuit Victim Advocates Office, invited all the second-grade students in Linn County to perform as jurors.

The trial was based upon the children’s story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. The jurors heard evidence and determined whether the Big Bad Wolf was guilty of property damage to the pigs’ homes and trying to eat the little pigs. McMahon said, the day started off at Brookfield School. Two trials were held with the second graders being the jurors. The first trial resulted in an eight (guilty) to four (not guilty) verdict. The second trial resulted in a 10 (guilty) to two (not guilty) verdict. Judge William Devoy, Linn County Associate Circuit Judge, presided. Judge Devoy declared B.B. Wolf guilty in both trials. The day ended at Linn County R-1 w/tih Linn County and Bucklin second graders being the jurors for the third and final trial. The third trial resulted in a five (guilty) and eight (not guilty) verdict. Judge Terry Tschannen, the Ninth Circuit Presiding Judge, declared a mistrial.

"This day could not have been accomplished without the amazing cooperation and effort by numerous people whose sole mission and goal was to introduce the second-grade students of Linn County to the court process and engage them in a way that would hopefully entertain and educate at the same time," McMahon said.  

"We were all so very impressed with all of the students. They listened, asked great questions, made their own decisions on the evidence, and made sure everyone did their jobs – we could not be prouder of all of them," McMahon said. 

Cast of characters for all the trials were: Sheriff Batman – Sheriff Jeff Henke of Linn County; Deputy Robin – Deputy K-9 Nitro of Linn County; Little Pig – Detective Surtin – Linn County Sheriff Office; Little Pig – Kiersten Haney – Brookfield School; Bailiff – Officer Bagley – Brookfield Police Department; Bailiff – Renelda Billingsley – Ninth Circuit Victims Advocate; B.B. Wolf – Karissa Creel – Brookfield School; B.B. Wolf – Deputy Simanton – Linn County Sheriff’s Office; Media photographer – Shaunna Stallo – Chief Juvenile Officer – Ninth Circuit Juvenile Office; Victim Advocates – Renelda Billingsley and Brandy Gray – Ninth Circuit Victim Advocates; Defense attorney – Melinda Troeger – Missouri State Public Defender Office and Prosecuting attorney – Shiante McMahon – Linn County Prosecuting Attorney