COVID cases rise, residents asked to remain vigilant

Angie Talken
Linn County Leader

COVID cases in Linn County have risen again, with 30 cases being added to the county's total in 30 days, from May 17 to May 19.

Linn County Health Department Director Krista Kneblock said there is no one location or event in the county that she could attribute the influx of cases to, however, it is a combination of events residents not being vaccinated.

"I think it (the increase in cases) is due to all the big end of the year events like prom, graduations, Mother's Day," she said. "I think a lot of people have let the guards down and they are missing that vaccine piece.

"If you are not vaccinated you should not be around other unvaccinated people without still practicing social distancing."

Neblock noted that the desire to attend events that were shut down this time last year may be a factor in why some unvaccinated people are not getting tested, when they present symptoms before an event.

"We have heard some people are ill but are delaying getting tested because they want to go to an event," she said. "They have gone, then later tested positive. this had lead to other s then quarantining and later testing positive."

The COVID vaccine is available in Linn County at Marceline Family Pharmacy, Green Hills Pharmacy and at the pharmacy in Walmart. There is no cost for the vaccine, Neblock said. 

Those receiving the vaccine should keep in mind they are not fully protected from COVID until two weeks after their last dose, or the single Johnson and Johson shot. Anyone who has had COVID and is within 90 days or is vaccinated should take precautions as they have been since COVID began.

The health department made the following post on social media on Wednesday, May 19, reminding residents to be cautious. 

"If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID:

DO NOT attend every single community event or mass gathering you are invited to! People would rather you send your love via phone then get a phone call from us because you "had to be there." If you are sick, stay home!!

DO NOT wait days to get tested while continuing on with life as normal! As soon as you develop symptoms, isolate yourself, seek out testing, and do not go out in the community!

We know everyone is tired, we are too! Please continue to do your part and be a responsible citizen! Thank you."

As of May 19 there has been a total of 1293 cases of COVID in the county, with 56 active