Friends raise funds to honor Frandson with Skate Park

By Zach Bruner

On Feb. 19, 2021, we lost our dear friend, Tim Frandson, and none of us will ever be the same again. It is a tough feeling to describe, but we tried our best to work through all of this together. Our tight-knit group of friends were all completely devastated, but at the same time, we had to try our best to keep our heads up because it was clear early on that we were going to work to do two things: bring awareness to mental health and build something that will allow people (especially the youth) to recreate for free in this community.

There is no doubt that Tim has inspired us to spend more time together, and in those times we have reflected back on some of our fondest memories. Our good times with Tim occurred in many locations, but one of the best locations was at the Methodist Church parking lot, skateboarding on ramps that Tim’s dad, Dave, built for us. Fortunately, we had a place to gather and recreate, which is why we want to provide the same opportunities for people today.

As we move forward, our motivation becomes clearer: we want to create a free recreational space for our community and especially our youth. Recreation and socialization opportunities are important, and this project will create both. Reflecting back on the isolation that COVID-19 created, we realize that access to recreation and socially open spaces is vital for a healthy community. Furthermore, we want the youth of our community to have more recreational opportunities in Marceline, rather than needing to travel to other communities to find them.

We have currently raised $28,000, thanks to all of the generous people of this community and beyond. The outpouring of support has been heartwarming and inspiring to us. We could never thank everyone enough, but we do hope it is known how appreciative we truly are.

Moving forward, we are budgeting approximately $50,000 for a complete project. We plan to hire a skatepark company to do the technical aspects of the park and local contractors to do the flatwork. We will continue fundraising, seeking donors, and applying for grants. Our goal is to build something that will last for generations to come with a custom design that caters specifically to our community and all wheels/skill/age levels. If anyone is interested in more information or how you can help, please contact Jerret Fisher at or Zach Bruner at