West Linn News

By Eudora Fitzpatrick

The Linneus School Reunion scheduled for Saturday, August 14, has been canceled.  Karen Drake, Judith Hoselton, Inah Moore and Eudora Fitzpatrick met July 2 to prepare a mailing to all those for whom addresses are available.

Happy Birthday to Prudence Friesenhahn, Joyce Baker, Melissa Pinney, Julie Schmitz, Theresa Triplett, Zach Dawson, Trinity Evans on July 9, Allee Myers, Daniel Jackson, Natisha Shiflett, Clint Elliott, Sharon Narr, Lisa Misenheimer on July 10, Steve Young, Kathleen Bond, MacKenzie Dennis, Lillian Rae Falconer, Felicity Manley on July 11, Caleb Dennis on July 12, Geoffrey Burris on July 13, Hailey Hamilton, Caley Dover, Brennen Neal, Jeanne Ryan on July 14, Nathan Brannan, Tony Young on July 15.

Happy Anniversary to Marvin and Carla Schmitz, Clay and Kaley Williams on July 10, Randy Jr. and Amy Ryan, Mike and Sharon Fries on July 11, Justin and Rebecca Coram on July 12.