West Linn News for July 28

By Eudora Fitzpatrick

Gary and Tami West, Davenport, Iowa, were visitors of Connie, Mike and Jerry Sallee the July 24-25 weekend.

Donald and Danelle Herring and Eudora Fitzpatrick were among those attending the 80th birthday celebration for D. D. Russell at the Linneus Community Center on July 24.  The event was well attended and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Happy Birthday is wished for Toby Williams, Jack Malone, Paul Chapman, Sr., Tripp Wood on July 30, Clayton Young, Cody Munsterman, Kamryn High, Joyce Surber on July 31; Diane Gardner, Sandy Guilford, Loni Schmitz, Carliesa Ellison, Tena Clem on Aug.1, Zachary Garr, Pamela Reed (former County Treasurer), Tiffany Gibson, Mia Cline, Gene McLain, Jeremy Triplett on August 3, Caleb Schmitz, Bryan Link on Aug. 4, Bob Wilburn, David Jackson, Jeff Albertson, Ashley Shiflett, Gabriel Burris on Aug. 5.

A Happy Anniversary is wished for Kenny and Kim Albertson on Aug. 2, Jesse and Christina Gray, Tom and Theresa Triplett on Aug. 4, Blaine and Mishelle Smith on Aug. 5.