West Linn News

By Eudora Fitzpatrick

Sorry, no news last week because of computer breakdown.

Donald Herring attended a postal steward enhancement training in Chillicothe on July 29.

The True Blue Club (Dorothy Crookshanks, Janet Meek, Cheryl Maggart and Eudora Fitzpatrick) ate lunch at a Carrollton restaurant on Friday, Aug. 6.  They were joined for lunch by Katie Mills and son, Baker.  In the afternoon the ladies visited a couple of orchards at Waverly where they purchased peaches, etc.  Cards were sent to Jewel Dean Kehr and Pat Kimbrough.

John and Donna Lee, Greenwood, attended church services at the Meadville Church of Christ on Aug. 8, where John was guest speaker.  Later they ate lunch with Dale and Sarah Botts.

Drew Hall, Iowa City, Iowa, came Aug. 12 and spent several days with his grandfather, Rex Wood.

A Happy Birthday is wished for Trent Bloss, Theresa Malone, Marvin Schmitz on Aug. 13, Tiffany Muck on Aug. 14, Mike Fries, Trevor Corzette, Grant Burris, Wade VanDyke, Jeanne Taylor (95) on Aug. 15, Chloe McCollum, Mishelle Smith, Christy Seifert on August 17, Joanne Schmitz, Clint Foster on Aug. 18, Libby Endicott, Suzan Stephenson (County Clerk) on Aug.19, Beth DeMott, Heather Corzette, Seth Leppin on Aug. 20, Kendall Link, Samantha Howard on Aug. 21, Christopher Cobb, Payton Maggart, on Aug. 23, Jesse Hull, Nathan Schmitz, Jonathan Shiflett on Aug. 24, Duane Campbell, Billy Jenkins on Aug. 25, Megan Groves, Dylan Williams, Mason Kiehl on Aug. 26.

A Happy Anniversary is wished for Tyler and Diane Long on Aug. 14, Jerry and Karen Surber on Aug. 24.