Sandner is now a Drug Recognition Expert

Angie Talken
Linn County Leader

Officer Preston Sandner of the Brookfield Police Department recently completed the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) course hosted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

DRE officers are trained to detect and identify whether a person is impaired, whether the impairment is due to drugs and in identifying the category(ies) of drugs causing the impairment.

The rigorous program is nationwide and admittance is by application and acceptance only, Linn County Prosecutor Shainte McMahon said in a press release congratulating Sandner.

"Officers must pass multiple exams a week and must conduct observations and make determinations with 100% accuracy. The final exam is grueling and requires a 100% score in order to become a Certified DRE officer," McMahon said. "Besides their regular law enforcement duties DRE officers are expected to assist other agencies in DRE evaluations. Officer Sandner joins an illustrious and dedicated group. As a Certified DRE officer, he will not only be available here in Brookfield and Linn County, he will also be available to officers in multiple other counties. We are proud of the Brookfield Police Department in providing the opportunity for Officer Sandner. We are proud of Officer Sandner for passing the program with flying colors!"

He joins Corporal Lee Ewigman of the Missouri State Highway Patrol as the second DRE officer based in Linn County.