2021 Ewigman Family Reunion

For the Linn County Leader

The 39th annual Ewigman Family Reunion was held Saturday, July 31 at the Lake Nehai Clubhouse with 131 family members and nine guests attending. This year’s chairperson was Keri Epperson. The Jerry Ewigman family provided grilled chicken breasts and hot dogs. Dennis and Sally Swenson were in charge of registration and noted there are 298 registered descendants in the Ewigman Family. The Tom Ewigman family was in charge of set-up and clean-up. The silent auction was organized by Willie Ewigman and Ryenn Watson. Lauren Mosier was in charge of games. Family photos were taken by David and Erin Tilghman. The afternoon was spent visiting, bidding on silent auction items, swimming for the children and a cornhole tournament.

131 Descendants of Bernard and Maude Ewigman in attendance were:

Agnes Swenson Family: Dorothy Haynes, Kearney, MO; Dennis and Sally Swenson, Platte City, MO.

Leo Ewigman Family: Florence Ewigman, John Ewigman, Brookfield, MO; Amie Ewigman, Cairo, MO; Allan, Amanda, Landon and Eloise Ewigman, Andrew, Lindsey, A.J., and Nola Jo Ewigman, Kansas City, MO; Jake, Andrea and Cleo Ewigman, Kansas City, MO; David and Janelle Ewigman, Luke, Emily, and Eleanor Ewigman, Lee’s Summit, MO; Carl, Melissa, Madalyn and Lily Graves, Kearney, MO; Mark Ewigman, Steve and Rose Ewigman, Kenny and Lisa Ewigman, Ethan, Jordan, Kynlee, and Rhettlee Beck, Brian, Lauren and Annie Mosier, Scott, Ava, and Zac Ewigman, Marceline, MO; Richard and Karlene Ewigman, Centralia, MO; Shawn and Amanda Lewis, Buffalo, MO; David, Cheryl, Avery, Charlotte and Elle Rose Stallo, Columbia, MO; Dr. Tony Ewigman, Chelsea and Theo Ewigman, Clarinda, IA; Leslie Walker, Jackson, MO; Christopher and Aubrey Ewigman, Waukegan, IL; Jason Ewigman, Chicago, IL; Kristin Ewigman, Colorado Springs, CO; Dakota Ewigman, Seattle, WA; Logan Ewigman, Bakersfield, CA.

James Ewigman Family: James and Deloris Ewigman, Martha Pope, Ed and Amy Ewigman, Marceline, MO; Glenn, Laquetta, Elaine and Cade Ewigman, Brookfield, MO.

Jerry Ewigman Family: Jerry and Jeanine Ewigman, Dan Ewigman, Ben, Lindsey, Shelby, Megan, Oliver, and Jarrett Ewigman, Willie, Jenni, Tucker, and Tayte Ewigman, Brookfield, MO; Bob and Shannon Ewigman, Brecken, and Mox Cupp, Blake and Abbey Cagle, John, Ryenn, Finley, and Suede Watson, Adam, Julie, Troy, Trent, and Tatum Ewigman, Marceline, MO; Bill and Carol Smith, Liberty, MO.

Barbara Sportsman Family: Leigh Ann and Audrey Clifton, Jefferson City, MO; Travis and Lana Sawyer, Brookfield, MO; Lane, Colbie, and Aspin Sawyer, Keytesville, MO; Bobby, Julie, Matt, Levi, and Zoey Holmes, Trenton, MO; Tabitha and Rodney Sportsman, Holt Summit, MO.

Tom Ewigman Family: Tom and Donna Ewigman, Keri Epperson, Oak Grove, MO; Amie and Andrew Bodenhamer, Odessa, MO; Matt, McCall, and Milo Bodenhamer, Richmond, MO; Charles, Rachel, and Easton Epperson, Bates City, MO; David, Erin, and Rachel Tilghman, Harrisonville, MO.

Pat Bradford Family: Pat Bradford and Angela O’Neill, Kansas City, MO; Dr. Mina Massey and Tanner Massey, Dexter, MO.

During the business meeting Florence Ewigman, age 90, was recognized as the oldest family member in attendance, and the youngest was Tatum Ewigman, 2 months old, daughter of Adam and Julie Ewigman.

Traveling the farthest for the reunion from Seattle, WA, was Dakota Ewigman. There were three deaths since our last reunion in 2019, Lawrence Ewigman, Dorothy Mendenhall, and infant of Brian and Sandra Ewigman.

Erin Tilghman asked if we wanted to hire a professional photographer to take our large group photo next year. It was the consensus for her to go ahead and make arrangements for the large group photo which we do every five years.

Winners of the cornhole tournament were Jake Ewigman and Scott Ewigman. Dr. Mina Massey was the lucky recipient of the 50/50 raffle. The games and auction proceeds offset the reunion expenses.

Chairperson Keri Epperson thanked all the committees for doing an amazing job, and was happy with the number of family members attending this year.

Additions to the family since the last reunion:

MARRIAGES: Christopher Ewigman and Kallie McHargue; and Alyson Ewigman and Zach Lewis.

12 BIRTHS: Nola Jo Ewigman, daughter of Andrew and Lindsey; Cleo Rose Ewigman, daughter of Jake and Andrea; Eleanor Rose Ewigman, daughter of Luke and Emily; Raza Roy Wiertzema, son of Jordan and Hannah; Theo Lee Ewigman, son of Tony and Chelsea; Henley Madison Smith, daughter of Garrett and Jacqueline; Mox Keaton Cupp, son of Bryce and Molly; Easton Elaine Epperson, daughter of Charles and Rachel; Annie Lee Mosier, daughter of Brian and Lauren; Milo Finnegan Bodenhamer, son of Matt and McCall; Aspin Nicole Sawyer, daughter of Lane and Colbie; Tatum Rae Ewigman, daughter of Adam and Julie.

The next reunion will be Saturday, July 30, 2022, at the Lake Nehai Clubhouse. Committees are: Chairperson: Keri Epperson; Meat Committee: James Ewigman family; Registration: Dennis and Sally Swenson; Silent Auction: Willie Ewigman and Ryenn Watson; Games: Lauren Mosier; Set-up and Clean-up Committee: Becky Richard and Family; Pictures: David and Erin Tilghman; Press Release: Dorothy Haynes.