West Linn News

By Eudora Fitzpatrick

Derek Smith and Emily Stewart were married July 17, 2021.  They are making their home on a farm north of Meadville.

Christian Dobbins and Maddie Schafer were married Aug. 15, 2021.  They're living on a farm north of Meadville.

A Happy Birthday is wished for Sharon Fries, Naomi Hammond, Carlene Zimmerman on Oct. 8, Scott Wyant, Lainee Maulsby on Oct. 9, Cody Baker, Ethan Newlin, Karlin Fairchild, Carl Timmons, Raelie Jo Bloss on Oct. 10, Daniel Murphy, Sheldon Guilford, Tyler Dinsmore, Tyson Collins, Bill Allison, Nikkita Link, Ireland Kay Shiflett on Oct. 11, Keaton Duncan, Debbie Gudgell, Derrick Knifong, Sarah Botts, Josie Jayne Beall on Oct. 12, Kristy Dennis, Stacey Waterman, Jacob Hamilton, Landon Novatny, Avery Faye Young on Oct.13, Zachary Tolson, Claire Croolshanks Gassen, Colton Knifong, Mark Engleman on Oct.14.

A Happy Anniversary is wished for Adam and Tauna Buckner on Oct. 7, Rick and Naomi Hammond on Oct. 12.