West Linn News

By Eudora Fitzpatrick

The True Blue Club met on Thursday, Nov. 4, for their end-of-year, Thanksgiving/Christmas meeting for lunch at a Chillicothe restaurant.  Dorothy Crookshanks was winner of the game prize, and Janet Meek received the hostess gift.  They exchanged gifts revealing their 2021 Secret Sisters; Secret Sister names for 2022 were drawn.  A card was signed and sent to Larry Tate.  The first 2022 meeting will probably be in March. In attendance were Cheryl and Lyle Maggart, Dorothy Crookshanks, Janet Meek and Eudora Fitzpatrick.

John Morris, Holden, was guest speaker at the Meadville Church of Christ on Sunday, Nov. 7.  He was luncheon guest of Rex and Pat Wood.

A Happy Birthday is wished for Rex Wood on Nov. 12, Jeremy Schmitz, Ashley Mosley, Allison Mosley on Nov.13, Charlotte Bigler, Preston Ishmael, Donnie Edwards on Nov. 15, Beth Crosser, Jessica (Triplett) Samenus, Jonathan Cooper, Randy Young, Audrey Holcer, Alex Endicott, Kieth Long on Nov. 16, Jennifer (Singleton) Waugh on Nov. 17,  Paige Leppin, Taryn Groves, Brittany Tate on Nov. 18.

MEADVILLE SCHOOL NEWS:  On Thursday, Nov. 11, there was a Veteran's Day meal from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Community Center.  An assembly followed at 1 p.m.