Linn County residents cast ballots in local, statewide issues

Angie Talken
Linn County Leader

More than 2,690 Linn County voters cast their ballots for a number of local and statewide issues.

Before the election, County Clerk Suzan Stephenson estimated voter turnout to be about 35%, actual voter turnout was just below that at 33.58%. Four of Linn County’s voting precincts were moved due to lack of volunteers at polling places, and COVID-19 caused the temporary closure and for polling places to be combined into two for the Primary Election held today. Voters at Brookfield 3 & 4 (Joyce Place) voted with Brookfield Districts 1 & 2 at Park Baptist Church Fellowship Building. Voters in Jackson Township (Haseville UMC) voted at the Meadville Community Center.

In local elections, the following unofficial results were released by Stephenson Tuesday night, The results will become official when verified by the Missouri Secretary of State.

County Commissioner District 1 was a close race with Glen Murrain winning the Republican spot on the ballot with 399 votes. Shawn Sayre received 376 and Jim Hargadine, 320. Jeff Hill received 258 votes for the office and was the only Democrat to enter that race. Voters will choose a new Linn County Commissioner for District 1 in November.

Josh Muck, Republican, and Dennis VanDyke, Democrat were the only candidates to run for Linn County Commissioner for District 2, Muck received 841 votes and VanDyke, 265.

There was no opposition for the office of sheriff, assessor, collector/treasurer and public administrator. Sheriff Jeff Heneke, ran for re-election and received 1,791 votes. Brittanie M. Palmer received 1,713 votes for the office of assessor; and Renee B McKenzie received 1,699 votes for the office of collector/treasurer. Colby Baker received 1,718 votes for the office of Linn County Public Administrator.

Roger Rhodes had no opposition on the Democratic ballot for the office of coroner and received 510 votes. Kjersten Parn won on the Republican ballot with 1,639 votes to Dean Foquet’s 279 votes.

Wining results for each party and office in statewide races are as follows:

Office of governor: Mike Parson, incumbent, Republican, with 1,405 votes; Nicole Galloway, 485 votes; Rik Combs, Libertarian, 10 votes.

Lieutenant governor: Mike Kehoe, incumbent, Republican, 1,050 votes, Alissa Canady, Democrat, 348 votes; Bill Slantz, Libertarian, 10 votes.

Secretary of state: Jay Ashcroft, incumbent, Republican, 1,761 votes; Yinka Faleti, 496 votes; Carl Herman Freese, Libertarian, 10 votes.

Treasurer: Scott Fitzpatrick, incumbent, Republican, 1,689 votes; Vicki Lorenz Englund, 508 votes; Nicholas Kasoff, Libertarian, 10 votes.

Attorney general: Eric Schmitt, incumbent, Republican, 1,719 votes; Rich Fanneran, 334 votes; Kevin Babcock, Libertarian, 10 votes.

Congressmen, 6th district: Sam Graves, incumbent, Republican, 1,673 votes, Ramona Farris, Democrat, 198 votes; Jim Higgins, Libertarian, 10 votes.

Missouri state representative, 6th district: Ed Lewis, 357 votes; Terrence Fiala, 151 votes.

Missouri state representative, 7th district, Rusty Black, incumbent, Republican ran unopposed for the seat and received 1,382 votes.

There were no votes in the county for Green Party candidates.

Linn County voters chose no and defeated a measure to expand MO Health Services and amend the Missouri State Constitution.

The ballot language for Amendment 2 asked if voters wanted to amend the Missouri Constitution to expand MO HealthNet services — the state’s Medicaid program — for Missouri residents between 19 and 64 years old with an income level at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level. It would also prohibit additional burdens on eligibility for enrollment standards. The matter was defeated in Linn County by a vote of 1,850 no to 858, yes.