Council discusses boards, sets tax rate

Angie Talken
Linn County Leader

Tuesday evening the Marceline City Council met and approved an appointment to the Planning Board, discussed changing a city ordinance involving the Recreation Parks Board and set the tax rate.

The council approved Jacob Clay as the newest member to the Planning Commission. With his appointment, the board now has a quorum, plus one. Two open seats remain. City Clerk Lindsay Krumpelman said any Marceline resident who wishes to apply can get an application from her at city hall.

No action was taken to change the ordinance language involving the Recreation and Parks Board. Mayor Sally Buck said the board is “very active and well-intentioned to continue to do good things for the residents and community of Marceline.”

The board previously asked the council to review the ordinance involving the board in order to open communication between the two groups and allow for a more clear understanding of what the board does and for what the city is responsible.

Councilpersons Tyson Brammer and Gary Carlson were unable to attend the meeting, and Buck stated she would prefer to wait until the full council is available to review the changes and vote. City Manager Richard Hoon noted that city ordinance currently differs on driving ages for ATVs, UTVs and golf carts within the city limits.

Current city ordinance states a person must have a valid driver’s license or chauffeur license to drive an ATV or UTV within city limits, however, the river of a golf cart must be 18.

Council discussed making the change so the ordinances are consistent. There was also discussion about possible changes to ordinances addressing the difference in flags or slow-moving vehicle signs for ATVs, UTVs and golf carts. Councilmen Jeri Holt noted that the ordinances need to be consistent across the board.

The council plans to discuss changes to the ordinance at the next meeting.

Police Chief Bob Donelson noted that there is a lot of misconceptions about certain ordinances involving ATVs, UTVs and golf carts. He noted that there has been an increase in the number of these types of vehicles in the city over the last several months. He and Hoon plan to begin an education campaign soon to spread awareness.

One of the biggest concerns is the number of children driving through town. Donelson noted that as part of the educational campaign officers would begin pulling over children driving the vehicles, and will discuss with them the city ordinances, give them an informational flier and possibly follow them to their home.

Krumpleman noted the city held its tax rate hearing last Friday. The new tax rates were accepted and approved by the council on Tuesday night.

The tax rate for the genre fund will increase from .5019 to .5181 per $100 assessed valuation; the library tax remains the same at .2531 per $100 assessed valuation; and the debt service levy increased from .3448 to .3748 $100 assessed valuation.

At the beginning of the meeting Hoon noted that the old Sonic had sold to an out-of-town buyer who currently has a chain of 17 drive-up grocery store/ restaurants. While Hoon was unsure of the owner’s exact business plans, he did know part of the building has black mold and will be torn down and rebuilt.

Donelson announced two new police officers have joined the department, Doug King and Ben Essig. King spent the last five and a half years working for the Linn County Sheriff’s Office and Essig, a former Marceline Police Officer has returned to the force after working at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The city pool will close on Sept. 7 and plan to have the dome put back on and pool opened by Sept. 19.