Marceline Golf Course hosts Walsworth Youth Golf Tournament

Henry Janssen
In the 15-18 divison (left to right): Will Heller, Joe Devoy, Jacob Stallo.

The Walsworth Youth Golf Tournament was held on July 10 at the Marceline Golf Course.

Pepsi furnished the golf balls, and Walsworth provided the medals, a shirt, and a meal for the participants.

In the 15-18 boys’ division, Marceline’s Will Heller finished first with 77 strokes across 18 holes. Columbia’s Joe Devoy finished one stroke behind, and Jacob Stallo, Marceline, shot an 86.

In the girls’ division of the same age, Brookfield’s Demi Downey shot a 47 across nine holes. Marceline’s Sarah Kussman finished with a 51, and fellow Tiger Kennedy Edgar had a 60.

Both of the 12-14 divisions were played across nine holes. On the boys’ side, Cooper Francis of Salisbury won with a 39. Kiefer Tolson of Trenton shot a 41, and Marceline’s Lance O’Dell was just a stroke behind.

In the girls’ division, Brookfield’s Rainie Parker had a 53, Maggie Bennett of St. Catharine shot a 59, and Marceline’s Sarah Wright shot a 79.

Both 9-11 divisions were played across six holes. On the boys’ side, Alex Bennett of St. Catharine won with a 39, Ty Gulley of Marceline was three strokes behind, and Nolan Green, also of Marceline, shot a 43.

In the girls’ 9-11 division, Marceline’s Katey Kussman shot a 50.

The youngest division, the 6-8 group, was played across four holes. Macon’s Quade Brown won the boys’ division with 24 strokes, and Brookfield’s River Parker shot a 29.

Bucklin’s Harper Bussman shot a 37 to win her division.

In the 15-18 division (left to right): Demi Downey, Sarah Kussman, Kennedy Edgar.