Bulldogs, Tigers will open Aug. 20 grid ‘jamboree’ against each other

Macon-hosted event also will involve Kirksville

By PAUL STURM, LCL Sports Editor

By PAUL STURM, LCL Sports Editor

Marceline Tigers and Brookfield Bulldogs

With one week of preseason practices behind them, the Brookfield and Marceline high school football teams will conclude week two of 2021 season preparations this Friday by participating in a 4-teams controlled-scrimmages “jamboree.”

Macon will host Marceline, Brookfield and Kirksville in a sequence of three concurrent, 24-plays (12 on offense, 12 on defense) scrimmages on its Hugh Dunn Field, beginning at 7 p.m. Many (probably most) 2020 teams did not have the traditional “jamboree” scrimmaging opportunities as a precautionary measure to try to limit the spread of COVID-19.

To help pay for expenses, including two sets of officials, there will be an admission charge, as usual. According to information circulated to participating schools by Macon school officials, adults will be charged $4 to attend and students and senior citizens $3 each.

No indication of COVID-19 precautionary measures (mask wearing, social distancing) being required were noted on the information sheet shared with the LCL.

After the warmup time, the first action for BHS’ Bulldogs and Marceline’s Tigers will be against each other at 7 p.m. on the field’s west end. A coin flip prior to each scrimmage will determine which team plays offense and which defense first.

The ball will be spotted at the 35-yards line to begin each dozen-plays segment. If a team earns a first down, it continues to advance the ball from the new first-down spot until either being stopped short of the line-to-gain (new first-down line), scoring a touchdown, or committing a turnover. After any of those “outcomes,” if the team in possession has not used up its 12-plays allotment, the ball returns to the 35-yards line for a new “first-and-10.” There is no kicking nor “2-point” conversion tries after touchdowns.

There will be a 5-minutes break after the last play of each of the three segments concludes to allow for any necessary switching of ends of the field.

Marceline will bounce back and forth from the west to the east end of Dunn Field, facing host Macon on the east end in the second segment before taking on Kirksville on the west end to close the evening.

Brookfield will remain on the west end after finishing against Marceline to meet Kirksville in the second scrimmage. It will wrap up against Macon’s Tigers on the east end.

A week from this coming Friday, Marceline will travel to Scotland County for its regular-season and Lewis and Clark Conference opener, while Brookfield plays the first of back-to-back home games to commence 2021, welcoming Trenton. A week later (Sept. 3), Marceline will come to Brookfield’s Burlington Field for the county rivals’ annual “Bell Game.”